Thursday, September 17, 2009

Innovation Project

Here's a brief of my inovation project:
Fiji Island Eco Adventure Cruising

Idea: I am the captain of a niche marketed Eco Adventure Cruising Company.
My company offers something different to the standard Pacific Island holiday.
My clients value the environment, real cultural experiences, interaction with nature, trough sailing, snorkelling, diving, fishing and a guided tour through the Pacific Islands.
Typically, we will visit our of the way spots, avoiding places overrun with tourists. We will benefit local communities as well as learning from them about heir way of life. We will have a positive social impact and limit our ecological footprint.

Fly to Fiji
Transfer by seaplane
Board vessel Tusitala (40 ft catamaran)
Undergo sailing training and maritime survival skills course.
Fishing skills
Wild Food preparation.
Navigating by the stars.
Underwater Photography
Swimming With Wild Dangers

These are some of the many things that you can experience on this cruise.

6 people per cruise

The Vessel

The Vessel is highly equipped with a:
• Galley
• 6 beds
• Food (if we run out we will have to stop at an island to get supplies)
• Dinning area
• Electrical Toilet (in most yachts you have a pump toilet)
• Navigation table and power to run computers on

The benefits of travelling with me rather than on Cruise Boats:
• Your by yourself/family not with others and having babies that you don’t know screaming
• I supply food and cooking utensils without payment
• Sailing on catamarans mean you can get into most of the places that cruise boats can’t get to and you can get a good sleep because catamarans don’t rock as much as single hulled yachts.

thats all for my update and I'll give you another update soon.

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