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Science Fair- Does Practice Make You Perfect?

You've probably heard the phrase, "practice makes perfect" more times than you care to remember, but is it actually true when you use a music game as your practice for real-life singing, strumming, or drumming? You can design a science fair project to discover the answer! First, you'll need to think about how to measure how well someone is playing or singing a song in real life. Using the test you design, measure several musicians' ability to play or sing a few different songs. Then have your musical volunteers switch to practicing using a virtual music game, like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, whose control schemes resemble those of real instruments. You'll need to decide whether it is important for your volunteers to play the same songs in both real life and in the game and how long (minutes, hours, several days in a row) the volunteers should practice. Doing a bit of research on how practicing helps people learn will help you design a better experiment. Once the practice phase is over, use the same test to measure the musicians' song-playing or singing skills. Did virtual practice improve their real-world music playing?

If you practice is it going to help you? I hear the statement "Practice makes perfect" many times but is it really true?

For example, does someone who does not have a voice to excel in the music industry led down the wrong path when they are told that practice will help them? Why is that these people have it in their heads that they can pursue a career that may not be attainable?

I watched American Idol when it first started. When the castings started to scope out the talent, if contestants ended up not being picked I would hear many of them say, "if you believe it will happen" or "where there's a will, there is a way".. I understand that in some cases that is the truth, but for many it is just the honest truth that it is not a reality.

Does practice make perfect OR does only PERFECT practice make perfect? What is your take on this overused statement?

Have there been times when you tried pursuing something that, in the end, could not be perfected? Have you overcome something that you have practiced long and hard for?

When I was looking on the internet for some answers for this topic I found this:

We have all heard of the saying 'Practice makes Perfect'.
I actually disagree with that statement.
You see, the core principle of practicing is to make your self better.
An example would be a child learning the piano.
The child must practice in order to get better at the piano.

But my thought is that practice does not make perfect... it just makes permanent.
If a child is learning to play the Concert C Major Scale... but plays and practices
it wrong over and over again... it will not be perfect. His Concert C Major Scale
will be permanently wrong... until he fixes it. This may seem like an oxymoron,
but there's a twist. If this Major Scale is wrong, and than he practices it the
right way later on. With time, he will make it right. Practice will make permanent.

So how do we achieve this 'perfect' level. The argument here is that there is
no such thing as perfect. That is quite pessimistic. I say, lets just live by
this rule: "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect "

This topic is very interesting even though I have only been studying it for 2 Hours

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi Everybody it's Bobby here sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time I have been working on my other blog called Bobby's Sustainability Blog but luckily I just thought of something to blog about one of my favourite things Music if you play a instrument good on you because it is a great way to spend your free time some instruments you could play are the Piano, Violin, Viola or the clarinet, trumpet or guitar and if you really want to drive your parents and your brother or sister up the wall then you can play the drums. playing instruments is not all just fun and games you need to have some commitment. The best way you will improve is if you practice and work hard to get through it. I play the piano and that is a great choice if you want to play.   

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Hey Everybody I just made a new blog why don't you check it out click here to visit it.