Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balloons over Waikato

On Saturday 28th March 2009 Hamilton hosted the 10th anniversary of the night glow. My family bused to it and back we had lots of fun and saw a lot of people we knew. The first balloon to go up was the Hamilton balloon but sadly they had to take it down because it was in the way of people seeing the Happy Birthday Balloon. Luckily there were other balloons that I liked. Like the Lady Bird and the Turtle. To my convenience it all started the balloons inflated and started to glow the reason they glow is because it is dark and the gas lights up the balloon and then they light them up at the same times or different times. But the best part is that they are playing music in the back-ground and it gets louder and louder until the balloons light up in time to it. The Balloons over Waikato feature for a week and the night glow is the celebration to finish it off and what a Wonderful week it was.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Camp was Great

Guess what we just went on camp it was great with the climbing, snorkling, kayaking and other great activites. The best part was on thursday when we got to run around pauanui in groups racing to get back to the camp-site our particular group came 2nd. All and all it was realy fun camp the best I have ever been on well tyed with camp papamoa which was mostly the same things the worst bit of camp was probably climbing Mount Pauanui.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Artist I Like is Vincent Van Gogh

I have always liked Van Gogh's lovely paintings and drawings. But I have thought, how would a person with a mental illness paint or draw these wonderful pieces of art, and I realised that painting and drawing was why he felt he had a place in the world. His brother also helped him though his life but as for that mental illness it just got worse, until he decided to cut off his ear, then about 5 years later he shot himself in the chest and died two days later. This left his brother heart broken. He died six months later and they were burned together.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Brain

Our brain is like a library and it is this library that is the key to education.
Let me explain. 
Education all started with a few philosophers who taught lots of people who taught their children
and so on and so on. parents have taught education to children for centuries and without that library the parents wouldn't have been able to teach the children and then the teachers wouldn't be able to teach us the things that were taught. 
this makes the brain a key component to education.