Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too Much Work

Hi everybody hope you all had great school holidays, well I did but that's not the point is that speeches are coming up in week 4 and all you woodmonstas need to be ready. Personally I am not ready at all so I can't say that but it is true and we all need to be ready. Well that's not all that's happening in term 4 there is end of year trips, inquiry project, blogging like I'm doing now and heaps of work (of course). But what are teachers thinking to make students do so much work all at the same time well I'll tell you what they are doing they are getting us ready for those that are moving on to high school and even for those who are staying at the same school they are just preparing us for the years to come so any school kids reading this don't complain to your teacher about them giving you too much work just take it on the chin and who nows it might help you to now what its like to have a lot of work on top of you.

And sometimes it gets too hard and stressful but you keep going