Monday, April 27, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu Spreads

Some Rangitoto College pupils have been on a over seas trip to Mexico and have bought back the Flu with them. The Flu virus is a combination of the Swine Flu, the Bird Flu and Human Flu. The Flu is deadly and has put some of the Mexican residents in the captivity of their houses and since the Flu seems so deadly that most of the public are wearing face masks to protect them self from the Flu.

The Flu started in Mexico and has now spread to New Zealand and the USA. It is said that British air ways are also being checked to see if the Flu has gone to England.

The Flu has been attacking Mexico city for some time and in that time it has killed about 8O people but the Mexico Health industry claims that it is less.

For all Mexicans I wish you good luck.

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