Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Brain

Our brain is like a library and it is this library that is the key to education.
Let me explain. 
Education all started with a few philosophers who taught lots of people who taught their children
and so on and so on. parents have taught education to children for centuries and without that library the parents wouldn't have been able to teach the children and then the teachers wouldn't be able to teach us the things that were taught. 
this makes the brain a key component to education. 


  1. Oh yes - keep your brain safe - keep it hydrated [drink water regularly]. try to avoid knocks to the head.
    Never try things that kill your brain cells!
    Love your brain and exercise it to the max.

  2. Did u know that if u hold your breath 4 long enough u faint and then your brain starts breathing 4 u amazing huh! I'm not quite sure if it is true though :)::):):):)